Italian Serie A Football For DG Kids | 意甲俱乐部来东莞教你家孩子踢足球啦

On the topic of football, most Chinese will probably be thinking “Damn, our ancestors invented this cool game, but we have failed in carrying forward the glory.” Typically, most Chinese parents tend to be less supportive if their kids would like to learn how to play football. Especially in comparison to more academic activities. After all, even the legend of Pelé, the greatest football player of all time, has lost its edge, despite the fact that parents are well aware of the benefits, including hand-eye coodination, agility, sportsmanship. However, football is becoming more recognized in China and Dongguan specifically, and not only that, but this opportunity we are presenting is certainly something to consider.


“Why should I send my kid to learn how to play football if I don’t see his/her future as a professional football player?”


We may have felt a little dismayed if you asked a question like that, until an exceptional football program dawned upon us here in Dongguan: ChievoVerona Football Youth Academy. In its concept, the final aim of coaching is not to create professional players, but to help the children in their growing process, while providing them with various opportunities.


HERE! Coaching has been trying to advocate certain values to help the young to develop not only their physical skills (coordination, strength, endurance), but to also help them become a person with social and behavioral abilities in the society as a whole. 

HERE! Coaching一直致力于倡导通过运动帮助青少年成长为独立完整个体的价值观和提高身体素质(协调能力、力量、耐力等)。

Officially in 2019, HERE! Coaching collaborating with Futura bring the world-renowned ChievoVerona International Academy to your doorstep in Dongguan. 

2019年HERE! Coaching和福图拉结成合作伙伴关系,将世界知名的切沃维罗纳足球俱乐部带到家门口。

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There might be many football training programs, but we are the single and very first agent in China of the famous Serie A club ChievoVerona, founded in 1929 and promoted in Serie A in 2000. Now it is more than a distant miracle or a dream, as it can easily be a part of your kid’s life!


Professional Coaches From Chievo 来自切沃的专业教练团队

The professional coach from Chievo International Academy has brought not only his next-level football skills, but also the patience to allow the students to learn and develop at a steady pace, a great sense of responsibility and positive interaction with students. 

切沃国际学院专业的青少年培训教练,拥有欧足联最高等级UEFA PRO执照。除了自有的专业足球技巧以外,对学员的耐心,责任心以及与学员积极的互动是他们最基本的要求。

Football + Communication 语言 + 足球

Classes are taught fully in English, with the aid of a Chinese assistant, in order to reduce communication barriers between coaches and students.


In Chievo we use a fully guided “Discovery Method” because our goal is to help players to be independent and able to face different situations during the game and life itself. We give students new stimulations in physical-athletic, technical-coordinative, tactical-strategic and psychological aspects during the game.


More Than Just Football 不仅仅是足球

As a very important part of the HERE! community, we also provide tons of after-class activities and events for our students and their families to attend, allowing all to be exposed to an international environment with dynamic cultures and perspectives. 

作为HERE! 社区的重要组成部分,我们给学员和家庭提供丰富的课余活动,让孩子们暴露在国际化的环境中,接触不同的文化和价值观。

From China to Italy 冲出亚洲,走向意大利

As the designated official strategic partner of Chievo, Chievo International offers a series of advanced training programs to our students. In addition to courses and summer camp training in Italy, excellent students can directly connect to the Chievo Youth Club.


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Dongcheng Futura Football Field  东城福图拉足球场

Conveniently located in Dongcheng, 5 minutes from Dynacity

Several class schedules for kids from 5 to 17 years old