From Bottom to Big Time: Cristiano Ronaldo | 高富帅本帅C罗养成记

On March 13, a man swept across all headlines in newpapers and social media around the world. That man is the 34-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo. Even if you are not a football fan, it is highly unlikely that you have never heard of this super star. Three times he has won the status of the World Footballer, five times of Golden Ball, five times of championship in UEFA Champions League… And he has just led his team into the top eight in this year’s UCL.


What do you think made him what he is today?


Cristiano was born in 1985 in a small town on the Portuguese island of Madeira. His mother is a cook, and father, a municipal gardener and a part-time kit man. What young Cristiano could afford was to play football on the streets.


So do you think his accomplishments came from pure talent?


Ten-year-old Cristiano entered a local football club where his father used to be a part-timer and started his arduous training. Even until today, rain or shine, he still trains five days a week on the field with an average of three to four hours training, including aerobic exercise, intensive sprints, tactic drills, team cooperation and individual specific training.


The club that he serves now, Juventus, belongs to the renowned Italian Serie A. Speaking of Serie A, it is a must to mention ChievoVerona, otherwise known as “Miracle Chievo.”


Why should I care about ChievoVerona?


Followers of HERE! must have learnt that from 2019, HERE! Coaching officially launched a football program, an Italian Football Youth Academy by ChievoVerona from Serie A in collaboration with Futura (click to know more).

HERE!的死忠粉们肯定知道HERE! Coaching于2019年正式与福图拉体育结盟,在东莞引进了切沃维罗纳足球俱乐部的青少年足球项目(点击了解详情)。

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From July 28 to August 5

  • English Courses + Football Training
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  • 英语课程 + 足球训练
  • 游览威尼斯、米兰、巴尔多
  • 漂流、购物……丰富的活动