Smooth Drinking: Rough Tale Whiskey Bar

Nancheng remains a great place to enjoy the nightlife and local foods, even now offering some new malls as well as night clubs. But, since the end of last year, a new player rolled into town with whiskeys and—believe it—a barber shop fa?ade.

Speakeasy joints, or whiskey bars hidden in the back of other restaurants or shops, was a real popular trend in the early 1900s and has in recent years enjoyed resurgence and renewed popularity, especially here in China; reaching back to a time of jazz, greased hair and cigars. And Rough Tale is no exception—elegant wooden tables, leather sofas, a VIP room and pristine bathrooms. Situated behind H Club in the heart of Nancheng, you cannot look for a typical bar. Instead, look for an old-school barber shop. Once inside, you have to locate the button that will reveal the way through, otherwise you’ll be stuck fixing your hair in the mirror for the whole evening. Good luck.

When you manage, head down a corridor and turn right. That’s when you will enter what could be best described as your home for the rest of the night. The bar counter is long with rows upon rows of whiskeys on the wall behind it. Name a whiskey, they’ve got it: everything from Ardbeg, Macallan, Glenfardas, Hibiki, Jamesons, Bushmills, Belvenie and more. They even sport a 38-year Glenfiddich on the bar counter.

The prices vary, of course, depending on the quality and age, but you can expect to pay anywhere between 60 to 100 RMB for a glass of your favorite poison. Otherwise, you could also buy a bottle to enjoy with friends, colleagues or business partners. Cigars are also available upon request.

For those who prefer a cocktail, eye-catching and tasty numbers can be whipped up too—the bartenders are quite creative and even if you’re unsure, they’ll make you something based on your preferences. They also serve special ones, the likes of which certainly proved to be next-level. Among them are their Gold Cigar cocktail and the Bumble Green. I enjoyed the former the most, billed out at 65 RMB, it is a tad sweet with a smoky aftertaste that somehow manages to keep you wanting more.

So, get on down to the center of our city and enjoy a night of classy revelry with Rough Tale and your posse. It will absolutely be a night to remember.

Address: Diagonally opposite FamilyMart convenience store, Guangfa Financial Building, No.3, Shi Zhu Road, Nancheng