Plan Your 2019 Now!

The 2019 Chinese Public Holiday Schedule has been released, why not plan your holidays now?

New Year’s Holiday will be from December 30, 2018, to January 1, 2019. It’s no surprise that we need to work on a compensatory Saturday (December 29) for enjoying the three-day-continuation.

Spring Festival Holiday (CNY) falls on February 5 (Tuesday), which means working for the whole week prior until February 3 (Sunday), before enjoying the following seven days off.

During April, Qingming Festival falls on Friday April 5, and Labor Day Holiday means another seven days straight for a consecutive three-days-off. Remember to work on April 27 and 28 (the weekend) and enjoy time off until May 1.

Dragon Boat Festival will run from June 7 (Friday) to 9, a three-day break for enjoying the Dragon Boat games and relaxing.

Mid-Autumn Festival will land on September 13 (Friday), meaning another three-day weekend, hoorah!

Also, look forward to the National Day holiday, from October 1 to 7, however, you will be required to work on September 29 (Sunday) and October 12 (Saturday).