The Hengkeng Village Tiger

In 1693, a wandering tiger left villagers in Liaobu Town distressed. While most avoided the tiger, one man stood out and tried to persuade the tiger to leave. A stone inscription records the whole story and has stood the test of time, remaining in Liaobu even today. According to the stone inscription, one day, a fierce tiger arrived and harassed Hengkeng village. The scared villagers hid inside their houses and locked their doors for the whole day. Seeing that, Cong An Gong—a compassionate person who enjoyed helping others and refrained from eating meat in his daily life—decided to persuade the tiger to leave. His wife, who wanted to prevent him from danger, said: “How could you, an ordinary human, approach a huge monster?” Cong left home after confidently replying “I have nothing to be scared of.”

While he saw the tiger sitting alone, he began to speak to influence it. The tiger remained steady; so, he caught one of the tiger’s ears and started to try and move it. Of course, the tiger became angry and swiped at Cong’s chest wildly. Back in the village, Cong’s body was full of wounds. Villagers came together to ring the gong to scare the tiger. Unfortunately, Cong died two days after. The stone inscription was built to honor him.