Style And Substance: Maiwie Cocktail Bar

Lady Dongguan remains an inimitable one and she doesn’t disappoint with this new cocktail bar, let me tell you. In fact, she ups the ante and modishly welcomes you up the stairs to her charming secrets on the second to fourth floors of a Guancheng creative park complex and then—voila! A corner bar with outside wooden deck tables, a great view, stylish decoration, all the whiskeys and cocktails one may ever wish for, a lavish staircase and charge-your-phone-and-relax seats. Not to mention the Avatar-like fairy lights as you ascend to the rooftop to go to the bathroom…

I have always judged bars based on their service—if it’s slow, unfriendly or uninformed, I’d simply never return and I’d tell others to boycott it too. Even the smallest, dingiest bars in the world can have better service than some so-called high-end end ones. This time round, however, I found myself to be making compliments nonstop. Not only is the presentation of each cocktail unique and flawless, but the bartenders’ knowledge is absolutely second to none. A sense of pride and care emanates from the bar counter. That in and of itself separates this place from most.

I can still taste that first cocktail I tried, and it wasn’t just one that they put together that night. In fact, it was their special brew, so to speak, the likes of which you can even buy in a bottle and take home with you. This Maiwie Liu Shang cocktail, served in a tumbler glass with a ball of ice and classy wooden whiskey tray for just 58 RMB, is probably the most refreshing cocktail I’ve had in a long time. Instead of making one feel heavy and slightly disoriented as most cocktails do, this one leaves your palate rejuvenated. The Rhapsody is a scintillating red number served in a round glass pot and over ice, with two Chinese teacups as it is meant to be shared with a lover, I was told. And if you prefer a cocktail with no alcohol, you needn’t worry, because the magicians behind the bar can make anything you desire, even novelties if you like.

A beautifully stylish place with great staff and a relaxing vibe is everything that Maiwie embodies. If the usual spots become a little too rowdy, bring your significant other here for a more meaningful time.

Address: Maiwie, Shop A220, SHARE area, Wisdom Town Creative Industry Park Phase III
莞城区智慧小镇创意产业园三期晒客空间A220 埋位