Mastering Your Business

Are you an entrepreneur who has a business, but is unsure where to take it? Perhaps you’re looking for new ideas and suggestions for your business? Or even facing difficulties? Then read on.

If you are facing problems where your business is concerned, then the Dongguan Entrepreneur Mastermind may be just the thing for you. We held our inaugural event on Sunday, October 28, and it was a brilliant success. We brought together eight successful entrepreneurs, all focused on brainstorming ways to make each other more successful. With a total of more than 75 years of China business experience represented in that room, the high quality of advice, cooperation, and networks that were shared during the day were more than worth the price of admission!

A Mastermind is unlike most other business-related events. It’s not a networking event, where you hand out business cards. It’s not a training event (there is no training at all). It is a highly concentrated brainstorming event, where for eight hours entrepreneurs put a laser focus on how they can help each other to reach whole new levels of accomplishment and success.

Eight months of networking insight, business experience, and motivation, compressed into an eight-hour meeting of similar minds.

Josh Shires, a 28-year old entrepreneur who is already running a multi-million dollar business, said, “I learned from a lot of experience, and recommend it to all.” Alix Robinson, who is in the process of launching a new business, described it as, “An insightful brainstorming session with astute and experienced individuals.”

One of the most interesting attendees was PJ Entrepreneur (Yes, that’s his name, he actually had his family name legally changed to “Entrepreneur”), shared a very wide range of experience from multiple different industries, and very interesting stories of his successes and failures. Miguel Alves, one of Dongguan’s best-known expats, and the founder of Dongguan’s first foreign-owned western food restaurant, Pizzeria Calzone, said that it was a great event, and that he’ll definitely be joining the next one. And Chris Strangways, a Canadian entrepreneur seeking to build a new brand out of an existing business, described it as “Eight months of networking insight, business experience, and motivation, compressed into an eight-hour meeting of similar minds.”

This event was a launching pad for a much larger vision—to eventually be hosting events like this in cities all across China, bringing like-minded entrepreneurs together to share their experiences and help each other. We will be holding more Masterminds in Dongguan in the future, and thinking of launching in other cities, starting with Shenzhen and Guangzhou. We invite any qualified entrepreneurs to apply to attend.

So…who is a “qualified entrepreneur?” This event is not for just anyone. First, the event is not free, and you must be prepared and able to spend money. It is an investment in your future, and more than worth it for the advice and knowledge you will get to build your business. Second, you must have been doing business in China for at least five years (preferably longer), and demonstrate success and knowledge. Third, you must have a clear idea and vision of what you want to accomplish (this is not an event for people trying to figure out what they want to do). Fourth, you must either have an existing business, or be in the process of starting a new business. And fifth—and perhaps most importantly—you must be ready and willing to share your knowledge, experience, and networks with other entrepreneurs, to help make them be more successful.

The benefits? A huge boost to your confidence and excitement about your business, as you develop a clear vision of where you’re going, and how to get there. Whole new perspectives, ideas, and resources related to your business. Finally, becoming part of a network of like-minded entrepreneurs who will actively push you to do more, and to be more.

If you’re interested, keep your eyes peeled for information about our upcoming Mastermind events; the next one will likely be in January of 2019.