EtonHouse Expansion

On September 3, 2018, the well-known Singapore education brand EtonHouse officially launched its new branch—EtonHouse Foreign Language School—in Huangjiang Town. It’s the third one in Dongguan besides the Dongcheng and Liaobu branches. The new school added a new dimension to their education opportunities for Chinese nationals. There are 3,000 places in total for both Chinese and international students from six to 18 years old. As a 1st-12th grade boarding school with an area of 10 hectares, it’s fully equipped with: a 50-meter-pool, soccer field, tennis court, three badminton courts, eight basketball courts, a golf practice range, indoor multifunctional sports stadium, Makerspace/STEAM, food technology room, pottery kiln, percussion studio, three auditoriums, two libraries (elementary, middle/high school), broadcasting studio, science labs and much more.

A brand-new team of teachers allocated to the new branch were trained on EtonHouse philosophy and academic practices, for two weeks with support from EtonHouse International School (Dongcheng). Currently, the ratio of international teachers and Chinese teachers is 1:10. Grace Aik, the Executive Director of EtonHouse is excited about the new branch, commenting, “We plan to make EtonHouse Foreign Language School a hub of the learning community, by inviting other schools to join in workshops we will hold during the year,” she continued, “In this way, many other teachers can benefit from understanding future teaching and learning.”