8 In 1 IPA: Jungle Exploration

A special IPA created by eight brewers from the Pearl River Delta who formed their friendship at DG’s 3rd Craft Beer Festival, is now being sold on the market. The eight brewers include Strand Beer and V-Brew from Guangzhou; Mo Brew, Cheer Bar and RC3 Brewpub from Dongguan; Brew Hardcore from Zhongshan; Recluse Brew from Qingyuan and E.T. Brewery from Shenzhen. While they met each other at DG’s 3rd Craft Beer Festival, a brewer from E.T. proposed to create something new for strengthening communication as well as friendship, which was supported by the rest very quickly and a brewing team came together right away. Unbelievably, within just four days, the recipe and ingredients were confirmed. A seasonal product which represents their friendship, the new creation is named Jungle Exploration Fruit IPA. Of course, it isn’t brewed in the jungle—it’s brewed in E.T. Brewery’s factory in Foshan.

“Even though we all have our own understanding on brewing, and we are from different places with different backgrounds, we all tried our best to work as a team.” Terry Xie, one of the founders of E.T. Brewery said, “We discussed and decided on the ingredients and recipe very quickly; we gathered together from different cities and contributed our strengths. All of us agreed to teamwork and shared our spirit of brewing.” The IPA will be sold in eight venues corresponding the above brewers. Prices will be adjusted from 35 to 45 RMB per 470ml. Go and have a taste!