Dongguan Yulan Theater

Perhaps you have been to Dongguan’s Yulan Theater to watch a performance. However, did you know since it was founded in 2005, it has been awarded the titles, “The First-Class International,” “The Top Five of China,” “The First of Southern China” and “The First of Prefecture-level City”?

Yulan Theater was designed by the world-famous Canadian theater designer, Carlos Ott. Talented Carlos gave it a delicate, unique, and novel appearance—seen from a distance, it looks like a flamenco dress, soaring in the central square of Dongguan. The theater’s appealing shape is full of connotations. With an area of 40,257 square meters, there’s a main theater which can contain up to 1,600 guests and a functional theater for 400 people. The supporting facilities are very complete: a fully mechanized stage, dressing rooms, rehearsal rooms, orchestra pit, resting lounge, etc. The stage equipment in the main theater is that of the world’s leading level and most items are international brands. The main stage is split into two layers with 24 actor lifts. There are more than 300 electric motors set on 165 machines—these motors can move together via different programming, as well as moving individually. So far, more than 3,000 programming functions have been prepared for the different needs of various performances.