Boundless Beer & More: Ziggy’s (Chang’an)

With a full American vibe, stepping into Ziggy’s you can really feel the personality about the place. For a small venue, it certainly packs a whole lot of soul. Iconic musicians and movie stars feature on posters hung on the walls, and to keep things interesting there is a video game with arcade classics, popcorn machine and a Foosball table which has been known to be used for competitions among Ziggy’s regulars and those alike.

This year Ziggy’s was spruced up with an upgrade from wooden counters to timeless black slate, with red and black leather stools for a cool look. The addition of a 70-inch projector screen for classic movies and a wide range of sports certainly adds an appeal, as well as a sense of home almost, allowing customers to relax and watch TV with their friends and some drinks. Did you know that Ziggy’s arguably has the largest international bottle beer selection in Dongguan? Including 65 different beers from over 35 countries, you will certainly not run out of options here.

Speaking of beverages, Ziggy’s expanded their whisky selection recently, introduced 20 signature cocktails and have a dual keg system now serving Asahi and Liberty Brewing’s “Skinny Bitch” on tap. And at just 25 RMB for a 500 ml “pint” of Asahi, you really could put away a few I’m sure. Spirits and mixers such as gin and tonic are very reasonably priced at 30 RMB.

Drawing more crowds in is the live music that now takes place on Fridays and Saturdays, during most weeks. Various artists around Dongguan share their talents to elevate a great environment for socializing and drinking. An entertaining element at Ziggy’s is the infamous “bell shot,” which means whenever somebody rings the bell, they have to buy everyone in the bar a shot for just 100 RMB in total. You can imagine how this goes!

Okay so this bar is funky fresh and has everything you need for a great afternoon or evening. If only it was closer to those of us who live in Dongcheng, Wanjiang and similar areas, right? Well, to combat this issue of location, uniquely the man behind the magic at Ziggy’s, Mitchie, has proposed a new offer: customers who visit from Dongcheng, Humen or similar Dongguan areas in a group of three or more, will have their Didi ride to the bar paid for. Now you have no excuse not to go check it out!

Address: No. 119, Xinyi Building #4, No. 293, De Zheng Rd
烧鸟屯, 长安镇德政路293号信义一号4栋119