New Chef In Town: Amigos

Walking into the place, memories of shooting pool, birthday parties and some of the best nights in Dongguan still lingered in the air, leaving me with a knowing smile. Amigos still remains the cool, respected, loved and fun hangout spot it has always been; now presenting a new chef and diverse dishes currently being added to an updated menu. Feel free to ask for these dishes when you visit.

One simply does not pass on an invitation for Mexican food. And what’s more, chef Juanito will whip you up tasty treats with a twist for something fresh and exciting. And hey, if you like the usual tortilla wraps and guacamole etc., they absolutely make those too.

Not long after we sat down with our drinks, the chef arrived with our first dish: a lightly peppered beef Tampique?a steak served with rice, bell peppers, guacamole and the most interesting little triangular mole—a chocolate and chili corn tortilla delight. Of course, I dug in immediately—being a huge fan of beef. It was served medium-well which for me was ideal, however you can request medium-rare or whatever your preference is.

Next up was the shrimp. We were surprised, as it wasn’t served up any old way. Nestled inside two big peppers and topped with cheese, this dish is one for pescatarians and seafood lovers. Our third dish, the “Drowned Sandwich” priced at 68 RMB, is better known in Mexico as a “Torta Ahogada.” This one was fascinating—a bun drenched in tomato with fried pieces of chicken inside and rich in flavor. It didn’t stay intact for very long! We also tried “Pescado Empapelado:” cooked fish and vegetables served with rice. Although it was a bit overcooked on the night, it still went down alright. Leaving the best main dish until last, the Enchiladas Verdes with chicken, topped with a friendly amount of pungent green tomato sauce was certainly tasty.

No dinner ends in true fashion without a good dessert, and we were not disappointed. Costing 48 RMB, a delectable, molten chocolate lava cake had us all licking our lips. And you can even ask for it with a chili kick for a Mexican twist.

After this dinner, I absolutely plan to go again. If Mexican food is your thing, or you’re new to Dongguan, then swing by and be ready to chill out with good food and beer.

Address: Shop A6, Dongcheng South Road, Bar Street