How Very Convenient

During our daily lives, we see convenience stores at almost every corner we pass by. However, do you know how many of them there actually are in Dongguan? According to data from the Dongguan Business Bureau, there are more than 30,000 convenience stores in total, (while the average annual increase number is more than 1,000). So, it’s no surprise that Dongguan is listed as the first in the saturation index known as “China City Convenience Stores Index 2017,” which was launched by China’s Chain Store Management Association (CCSMA) on June 23. According to the index, for every 1,012 Dongguaners, there is one convenience store. In order to comprehend the development of convenience store industry in China, The CCSMA has been collecting data and publishing the index for five years. For this year, there are 36 cities involved. The ranks are organized by quantity, growth, proportion and policy-support power.

For the composite index, Dongguan ranks fourth after Changsha, Shenzhen and Taiyuan. In addition, Dongguan ranks No.31 at the growth index while 61.6% of cities on the list have more than 10% on their convenience store’s growth. In a word, Dongguan’s convenience store industry is very saturated and yet continues to increase slowly.