Gym by The Hour

COOLPOOL 24-Hour Gym innovatively offers the chance to pay by the hour, something which is rather new and exciting. This is an ideal choice for both gym enthusiasts and those who are indifferent, making maintaining fitness convenient with no need to worry about weather or time.

Located at V-Park, opposite Yong Hua Ting, this gym presents something unlike traditional gyms. Instead of the typical coaches and classes, you can enjoy undisturbed time here. All items are self-service including the fitness equipment, drink-vending machines, lockers, shower room, etc., even access to the gym—to open the door, you need to download an app to scan the QR code. The app will also be your stopwatch (members can input fingerprints instead, later). Based on this system, you can even stop by to exercise at 3 am—now there’s no excuse for late workers or irregular schedules. Pay by the hour or session. The first hour costs only 20 RMB, which covers all gym equipment and a free locker and shower. 30 RMB is the maximum for those who exercise for more than one hour. Besides that, the quarter card at 490 RMB, half-year card at 690 RMB or one-year card at 990 RMB are available.

Location: No. 201, Jin Yu Hua Ting, No. 228, Dongcheng Rd 东城路228号金域华庭2座201