A View To A Kill: The View

The lesser known backwater of Shilong has found itself with increasingly more visitors lately, ever since the Dongguan metro opened and linked it with the line stretching as far south as Humen. I recently discovered a riverside hideaway bar a mere five minutes taxi ride from the station.

At Dongguan train station (aka Shilong), simply type in “The View”—this conveniently pops up on the English version of Didi via your smart-phone and consequently 8 RMB can whisk you to the bar overlooking the river. Traverse down the stairs under the sign that says “catwalk,” then bear left to find a chic little joint with an outdoor riverbank seating area and stylish decor within. No pretenses, this is not a view that will make your jaw drop, but pleasant enough with the various LED spectrum reflecting from the water’s surface. Once inside, the staff were very keen to test their English and after ordering the obligatory hors d’oeuvres of wings and fries, it wasn’t long before I was delving down to the finer details of their cocktail menu.

A classic Long Island Iced Tea with a Hawaiian for my other half started things off. They took a little while to come but I could tell the staff were going all out to make the mixtures spot on. Also on offer was their special in-house cold lemon honey tea.

Eager to test the bar’s improvisation skills, I propositioned them to rustle me up an impromptu cocktail with their own lemon honey tea as the core ingredient. Rising to the challenge, the manager tinkered away behind the bar, even bringing out a blowtorch at one point, until he was content he had done a good service. A slightly frothy milk and honey Cointreau/gin concoction was presented, complete with barley frond and crushed rose petal. A peculiar first sip was instantly followed by a delectable aftertaste. Impressed, I asked what he would call his creation. A brief eye flutter ensued and it seemed the responsibility was in my court. After a short mull over the word “view” it dawned on me. “A view to a kill” was born. I pleasantly sank the rest and decided to spurn their “buy 48 beers get 24 free” offer to make a dash for the last metro back.

I am certainly considering this offer for the coming world cup, which they will show on their big screen. Until then I must settle for the memory of my new tipple while whistling away Duran Duran to myself.

Address: The View, Shop No.2 on the west, close to the dam next to Bin Jiang Xi Rd, Shilong