Borough Market

Ever wondered about the markets in London? Borough Market, Camden market, what’s all the fuss about? Our very own sea turtle speaks of wandering and pondering with gourmet treats.

London’s must-visit attractions not only limit to Big Ben, the London Eye, Tower Bridge and the British Museum. If you want to have a deeper understanding of the daily culture of local British people, you had better visit London’s markets! There are many markets in London, each with its own theme and specialties. In London, Borough Market is a good choice.

Borough Market is London’s largest and oldest gourmet market. You can find many foods here, including Spanish stew, various fruits and vegetables, English meat pie, and fresh oysters. From the first plate to the dessert, from England to Spain, you can enjoy the cuisines from all over the world at this market, which will surely satisfy your senses.

Borough Market is a wonderland for eating gourmet food both delicious and inexpensive.

Borough Market has existed since the 11th century and is the oldest fruit and vegetable market in London. The popular market now has more than 100 independent stalls, mainly selling traditional British food and specialties from other countries. Many sellers use their own raw materials, personally baked, brewed, and barbecued food and drinks for sale, which really are worth a try. It is not only a dining experience, but also a treasured place where you can explore novelties and special gifts from around the world. Most importantly, it is an ideal setting to learn about varied food cultures of the world as well as food manufacturing processes.

Borough Market is a wonderland for eating gourmet food both delicious and inexpensive. The food there is delicious and enjoyed while looking around the stalls. Let me give you a few recommendations on the good stuff. The first thing I want to recommend is paella, from a stall located in the center of Borough market. The pan for cooking the paella is very large, but also very shallow, like a huge plate. The rice is soaked in golden soup and covered with prawns and mussels. It looks very appetizing and is very satisfying to eat as a main meal.

Want to try some seafood? Eating seafood in the UK is a bit extravagant, and if you choose the wrong restaurant, you may encounter seafood without freshness. The seafood at Borough Market offers excellent value and variety. Crabs, lobsters, oysters, and sea urchins are all available and they are all really fresh. The price is also very affordable.

One of the most worthwhile seafood attempts is oysters. After ordering at the stall, the vendor immediately picks up one of the fresh oysters, opens it directly and hands it to you on the plate. There are many sauces you can choose to add to your oyster. I absolutely love the red sauce with onions and other spices. It’s so easy to pour it on the oysters, swallow the oyster-sauce combination and enjoy the salty freshness! It’s definitely not enough to eat just one oyster. I buy five oysters when I visit Borough Market and that’s just perfect.

Many locals will buy a glass of wine to pair with the oysters. You can even buy a glass of flavorsome Spanish Sangria fruit wine there. Sangria is my favorite drink in the entire market. For me, it’s sweet and not too strong in terms of alcohol. It’s far away from Baijiu! The smell of Sangria’s sweet fruits and delicious oysters are a perfect match.

The Borough Market is very close to the London Bridge. After indulging until you’re full, you can stroll along the bridge drinking Sangria while feeling the breeze and admiring the beauty of the scenery. How beautiful! If you come to visit the UK, visiting the market is a very good trip allowing you to experience British local life. Don’t miss the markets!