Traffic Light Used On Expressway

Two traffic lights are now in use on Humen Bridge Expressway to improve traffic efficiency.

Humen Bridge became well known not only in Dongguan but also around China from during the last National Day—because of its inconvenient mishap—thanks to a terrible traffic jam. In order to avoid a repeat incident of people being stuck on Humen Bridge for more than two days, February 1 saw the arrival of two traffic lights which light only at peak hours, set at the flow point to keep vehicles moving.

The traffic lights are made up of four signal lamps as well as a countdown timer next to each lamp. The first and third signal lamps light green for 90 seconds, allowing vehicles to move while cars on two pathways wait. Then, the cycle is continued as vehicles on the other two pathways are given 90 seconds to move and so on.

For those who run a red light on Humen Bridge, they will lose three points from their license and face a fine of 200 RMB.

This is the first ever case in China whereby a traffic light has been placed on the expressway. So far, there are some civilians who’ve called the related organization and stated their opinions on the effects of the new system.