Sandford Orchards Cider Olympics at Murrays Irish Pub

Yes, Dongguan loves cider, and last night eight teams proved that fact again at Murray’s when they took on the Sandford Orchards Cider Olympics challenge.

Teams Ziggy’s 1 and 2 were the true legends and winners of the night, beating everyone else at Cider pong, Flip cup, Dizzy bat and the hilarious Team chug. Team Grateful Q came in third. As for the other teams, they’re already planning on exacting their revenge, because the next Cider Olympics challenge is coming soon enough, on April 28 at Grateful Q on Dongcheng Walking Street.

So, if you and your mates want to get in on all the action, study these photos well to see how it gets done. To the winners, enjoy your victory. Congratulations!