Dongkeng Labor Selling Festival

Having been an annual tradition for over 400 years, Labor Selling Festival celebrated in DongKeng, aka the “water splashing festival” comprises an immense flock of thousands of locals, whilst they walk, run and hide with water guns on the streets of DongKeng’s town center, ready to splash and squirt anyone and everyone in the area. A playful celebration, some locals believe that splashing water on someone will bring good luck to that person.

On Sunday March 18, HERE! attended the gigantic party equipped with water weaponry and ready for action. It was something mesmerising. However, being foreigners definitely did not work to our advantage during this escapade. It meant standing out like a sore thumb which made for a desirable target. Thankfully we found our posse after a short search and had more members for back up!

It was great fun, watching kids and adults alike unite to enjoy a day full of action and roaring laughter, smiles and teamwork. There were even locals stood safely on their apartment balconies, tipping buckets of water down to pedestrians stood below. It was rather hilarious. Water guns and water balloons galore, this is an annual event that we would recommend you not to miss next time.