CBA Playoffs Begin

The 2017-2018 China Men’s Basketball League (CBA) playoffs will start on March 3, with Guangdong Tigers moving forward toward hopeful victory. Some changes to the regular competition system have been made. Compared with previous playoffs, teams have increased from eight to ten. For this year, there are four rounds of playoffs, using the cross-knockout system. In addition, the top ranking team on the regular season will play at home one more time.

For the regular season, GuangXia took first place. Liaoning and Guangdong ranked second and third. The fourth to tenth are Shangdong, Jiangsu, Xinjiang, Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Shanghai teams.

The first round (quarter-final) will use a two out of three system (1-1-1); the top six teams in the regular season will automatically go into the second round. For the rest: Beijing vs Shanghai, Shenzhen vs Guangzhou–the winners of these two games will also enter the second round. After the quarterfinal game, successful teams will continue to compete in the seminfinals and final game until the league champions are revealed.

American player Donald Sloan has strengthened the Tigers by joining their team, having arrived in Dongguan on February 25 and begun training to get ready for the playoffs.

Pencil in the CBA playoffs on your calendar.