Bespoke Sounds at Wu

“Wu” is a sound aesthetic brand with a studio for bespoke and handmade headphones.

When you enter the studio in Nancheng, you will see all headphones are well looked after and glorified on wooden shelves with spotlights–each pair like a superstar onstage. Unlike mass production which duplicates a prototype, you will never find two identical productions here. Even if they are from the same version, they will be a little different–the very definition of handmade. Wood, embroidery, microfiber leather–elements you will barely see on manufactured headphones–they can be seen everywhere in Wu.

Headphones are divided into four types: The Jungle, The Horn, The Song of Rock and The Glory and Gloom. The Jungle features quality bass, suitable for Hip-Hop and R & B; The Horn focuses on bass and treble at the same time, ideal for listening to hard rock music like heavy metal or punk. The Song of Rock style emits the mid and mid-high frequency–apt vector for Folk, Jazz and vocal-based pop music; and The Glory and Gloom headphones highlight the mid and mid-high frequency as well as the treble–fans of classical music should give these a try.

Locations: 110-2, Building 2, 769 Creative Park, Nancheng