IN SPACE Interactive Club

IN SPACE is an interactive club with four stimulating areas including VR, archery, PS, simulated racing and a resting zone for when the fun becomes too much and you need a break.

Emerging as a local Dongguan brand, the third branch opened recently inside King Mall. As you enter the club space, it feels like you are instantly transported into some kind of mini “forest,” surrounded by all different kinds of vivid-green decorations.

The VR area encompasses four rooms, allowing for four people in different rooms to battle in the same “world.” Priced at 98 RMB for one hour of entertainment, groups are able to share a room and take turns if they like. What a great way to have fun and socialize with friends whilst engaging in a surreal experience! For first timers, staff will always help and guide. Moreover, English subtitles and soundtracks are available. If you’re into archery or you fancy having a try, it’s only 68 RMB for an hour of arrow-firing action. A thrilling activity ideal for groups of friends or teambuilding events with colleagues. PS and simulated racing areas are situated next to the archery space, another option for great entertainment.