Try Angry Tea

The Japan-originated stick figure “Orz” representing a guy kneeling and bending his head down is often used to show frustration in Internet speak. In Chinese, “Cha” means tea. Based on the name, are we in for some frustrating tea?

While looking over the menu full of names like ”You are not only fat, but also ugly lemon tea” or the menacing “Even working overtime to near-death, you still can’t afford this passion fruit lemon juice,” a sense of brutal taunting gives way to humor. Ease up, old chap. “I want people to directly face their negative emotions,” said Richard Ye, owner of the shop. He previously visited a shop with a similar concept in Shanghai and decided people in Dongguan might also appreciate the style. Bucking the typical copy-everything standard, he also added his own ideas into the mix. The “milk cover” is made with milk and heavy cream to sometimes cover tea in China. Since black can easily represent frustration, Richard adds bamboo charcoal power to blacken the cover. The decoration of the shop is also mostly black. Often, teashops will use sugar-free, reduced sugar or normal to intensify the sweetness of the drink. However, at Orz Cha, bitter flavors forcefully take their place. Get your moody face on this afternoon.

Address: Orz Cha, No. 65, Yong Huating, Dongcheng 东城雍华庭65号