A Walk on the Wild Side: For Star-Crossed Lovers

Changping Railway Park3
Changping is the first town in the country that combines three railway stations and does so rather flawlessly. The latest station—Changping East—opened last year in March and connects Dongguan and Huizhou. To celebrate their iron-rooted prowess, a railway park marks the town’s achievement.

Utilizing a now-closed area once created by the Beijing-Kowloon and Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Express Railways, the park waits only a few hundred meters far from Changping Station.

Entering the park, a 400-meter track painted in rainbow colors in 2015 soon became a popular photo destination. Though the tracks were abandoned in the 1990s, the painting and park has completely revived the local area, plus adds a touch of romance.

Changping Railway Park2

Passing the rails, the garden also contains a small amusement park with a handful games and rides. A nearby pond offers boating activities. There’s also a train-themed restaurant that’s actually inside an old steam locomotive, which serves dim sum and other treats. Unexpectedly, the park has been hosting major beer festivals since 2005. Don’t miss the biennial Guangdong International Beer Festival at the beginning of October, which will include plenty of games, performances and beer.

Changping Railway ParkChangping Railway Park
Location: Changping
Opened: 2004
Hours: 8:00-18:00
Admission: Free
Phone: 769 8397 7736
Public Transportation: Tielu Gongyuan (铁路公园) bus stop on lines 807, 811, 815, 827, 840, 848, 852, 860, Changping 3, 5 and 8.

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