A Walk on the Wild Side: For Devout Buddhists

Guanyin Mountain Forest Park2
Though Hong Kong has a big Buddha, Dongguan’s Guanyin statue certainly gives it a run for its money. Claimed to be the world’s largest granite Guanyin (Buddhist goddess), it was manually assembled from 999 pieces of stone shipped from Fujian over the course of three years. Peacefully sitting at the peak of a 500-meter-high mountain, the gigantic, 30-meter-tall landmark attracts pilgrims from around the region.

Guanyin Mountain Forest Park3To maximize the value the 45 RMB admission ticket, don’t miss visiting the park’s more than 30 tourist attractions. From team building activities on the hillside, a Buddhist-style vegetarian restaurant, temples, cultural performances, an ancient tree exhibit and coin museum, swimming pools, and a 340-meter-long cable ride above the tree line, you could spend an entire day here, if you like.

If you have time, avoid the sightseeing golf carts (20 RMB) that will take you midway up the mountain and try the stepped beaten paths, instead. The walk should take about two hours at a leisurely pace, but the view is totally worth the effort. Springs, waterfalls, pagodas, chirping birds and other animal life offer a taste of the jungle just a hop from the city.

Guanyin Mountain Forest Park


Guanyin Mountain Forest Park
Location: Zhangmutou
Opened: 2001
Hours: 8:00-18:00
Admission: 45 RMB
Phone: 769 8779 9666
Public Transportation:
Guanyin Shan
(观音山) bus stop
on lines L4 and
Zhangmutou 16.

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