A Walk on the Wild Side: For Bold Cyclists

Tongsha Park
The southeast outskirts of the city hide impressive patches of vegetation and lakes. Among them is the Tongsha Reservoir found at the corner of Ring and Guanchang Roads. Favored by bikers, due to its short distance to and from the city center and delightful 15-km-long bike trail, the park has become a popular destination for local walkers, joggers and riders, alike. The smooth, two-lane route that surrounds the lake, provides a perfect destination for pleasant weekend afternoon.

Over a dozen farms and restaurants scatter up the several surrounding hills, offering countryside flavors, organic ingredients and BBQ all in a lush environment. Fish swimming at the water’s edge attract fishermen. Firetruck-red strawberries lounging in the summer sun taste as good as they look. Nature is more beautiful here.

Tongsha Park2

Spread over 10 square kilometers, the area is home to many kinds of water birds and fish, as well as, hundreds of types of trees and insects. By the end of this year, the rebuilt Zifu Temple—the largest Buddhist monastery at the site—will open its doors to followers since its demolishment in the 1950s.

Tongsha Park3Tongsha Ecological Park
Location: Dongcheng
Opened: 2006
Hours: 6:30-18:30
Admission: Free
Phone: 769 2267 5268
Public Transportation: Tongsha Shengtai Gongyuan (同沙生态公园) bus stop on line 40.

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