A Walk on the Wild Side: For Beach Lovers

Foling Country Park2
Located just beside the Tongsha Reservoir, Foling Lake is like a small toddler chasing a big, tropical jungle brother. Similar to its sibling, a 5-km-long, lychee-lined bike trail wraps around the lake. Though offering technically less to tourists, the main draw here is a natural swimming pool that’s built into the lake, something not found elsewhere. Half an hour drive from downtown Dongcheng, the lake is big enough to host a crowd even during peak season. With blue skies, green forests, shimmering waters and warm sand perfect for an afternoon nap, Foling is certainly a unique experience in the city.

Foling Country Park

Just like in a real beach, swimmers cannot leave the designated zone for safety reasons, but there’s still plenty of place to play. Changing facilities are basic, with doorless cells, so it’s suggested to wear your suit to the park, if possible. Nearby vending machines (payable by WeChat) offer slightly over-priced drinks and snacks, just like the real beach. Note: Floats and pets are not allowed.

Foling Country Park3Foling Country Park
Location: Dongcheng
Opened: 2010
Hours: 8:00-17:30
Admission: Free
Phone: 769 8321 7200
Public Transportation: Folinghu (佛灵湖) bus stop on line Liaobu A11.

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