A Walk on the Wild Side: For Amateur Historians

Weiyuan Island Forest Park2

With crisscrossing rivers and streams, Dongguan is far from lacking water-front parks. In fact, a short trip from Dongcheng will find you at the edge of the Pearl River Delta. There, in Humen’s Weiyuan Island Forest Park, you may be surprised to find more than just water.

As one of the heritage sites dating back to the influential Opium War in 1841, the park consists of an imposing fort at the waterline, continuous hills that rise three times higher than Qifeng Mountain and a series of cannon platforms and buildings that dot the area.

Weiyuan Island Forest Park

The park is located directly beneath Humen Bridge, where the waterway from the ocean towards the mouth of the Pearl River narrows considerably. It is an ideal location for a fortress. Take a stroll through the Sea Battle Museum, which vividly details the British takeover in 1841 and their path continuing up the river to Guangzhou.

At the water, explore the stronghold containing evenly-spaced rooms that all feature windows facing the sea. Some still have iron cannons in them to protect against invaders from Zhuhai. Peeking from the shaded chambers to the brightly lit ocean outside, today’s view trades frigates for container ships. Pause and imagine how it might have looked to Chinese defenders 150 years ago.Weiyuan Island Forest Park3

Weiyuan Island Forest Park
Location: Weiyuan Island, Humen
Opened: 1982
Hours: 8:30-16:30
Admission: Get a free ticket with an ID card/passport
Phone: 769 8552 7154
Public Transportation: Humen Haizhan Guan
(虎门海战馆) bus stop on lines L1 and Humen 16.

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