A Walk on the Wild Side: For Adventurous Families

Dapingzhang Forest Park
Located at the southern border of Dongguan and Shenzhen is the well-appointed Mission Hills Golf Club in Tangxia, which also includes a handful of apartments, hotels, restaurants and a small village. Spread over 26 sq kilometers, the range of mountains strides all the way to Shenzhen’s Guangming area and the south of Huangjiang. Here is a great destination for a family’s weekend getaway to the woods.

If you take Didi, they will most likely drop you off at the main gate of the park, near Guanshen highway. This is regrettable since it’s still at least one hour of walking from the major happenings of the park. Luckily, a town bus, Tangxia 14, can bring you deeper to the beginning of the hiking.

Dapingzhang Forest Park2

The fact that the area draws crowds of Shenzhen tourists during weekends and holidays boosts the local tourist market. Restaurants, shops, villas, hotels, swimming pools and tea houses circulate around the mountains. The major hiking trails are relatively easy, but always pack plenty of water and rest along the way. Don’t forget small change because although there are vending machines around, most of them can’t access Internet, so the mighty WeChat payment function is useless here.

Dapingzhang Forest Park3Dapingzhang Forest Park
Location: Tangxia, Huangjiang
Opened: 1994
Hours: 8:00-18:00
Admission: Free
Phone: 769 8772 1452
Public Transportation: Tangxia Senlin Gongyuan (塘厦森林公园) bus stop on line Tangxia 14.

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