The Origin of Lingnan Fine Art: Lingnan Museum of Fine Art


Just about 150 years ago, artists studying painting, calligraphy, music, poetry and writing converged at the stylish Keyuan Garden in Guancheng, where they shared ideas and drank tea.

Among them were two paint masters—Ju Chao and Ju Lian—that held classes and trained a trio of young artists who continued their studies in Japan, and then later came back to create Lingnan style (Lingnan is a geographic area that refers to the lands south of the Nanling Mountains, including Guangdong, Guangxi and Hainan). This new visual approach merged drawing techniques from China, Japan and the West for the first time in Chinese art history.

Today, a museum and painting institute has been established to display and study the art in order to keep the form alive. Situated beside Keyuan Garden and separated only by an idyllic lily pond, the museum continues the Keyuan mood with lush greenery and Lingnan-style architectural ornaments.


“Relying on the Keyuan cultural area, the institute aims to discover more historic and cultural resource from Keyuan and extend the cultural lifeline of Lingnan painting style,” said Faye Li from the museum’s PR department.

The entire complex is comprised of three buildings: the Lingnan Museum of Fine Art, housing classical and modern Lingnan masterpieces, the Lingnan Fine Art Institute, which studies and collects the style, and the Lingnan Painter Village, where contracted artists work on group projects.

Lingnan Museum of Fine Art
Opened: 2008
English Subtitles: No
Business Hours: 09:00-17:00, Monday closed
Admission: Free
Phone: 769 2211 0938
Address: Keyuan North Rd., Guancheng, Dongguan
Public Transportation: Keyuan Bei Ru (可园北路) for lines 16 and 45A.

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