The Glory of Weightlifting: Shilong Weightlifting Museum



Not many people know that Shilong is often called the “hometown of weightlifting.” Even fewer know that it was Chen Jingkai, a native of Shilong, who set a sporting world record for the first time in Chinese history in 1957. Chen’s nephew Weiqiang, later took China’s first Olympic gold medal in weightlifting nearly 30 years later.

It then makes sense that a weightlifting museum to promote the sport was built in Shilong Town, just inside the Shilong Sports School. There, young lifters train in the same space as world record breakers once practiced before.

The museum itself shows—with stories and pictures—how Shilong weightlifters have broken nearly 20 world records since 1957.

A few displays, like the primitive handmade stone dumbbells and wooden bench presses show the hardships of training years ago. Collections of medals, trophies, badges, flags and even a dusty pair of socks that Chen wore during the world-record-breaking lift are kept inside a glass box.

“Every museum has a historic carrier, and the one for this museum is weightlifting,” said Emily Deng, an English teacher at the sports school, beaming with pride.

Shilong Weightlifting Museum
Opened: 2005
English Subtitles: No
Business Hours: 08:00-18:00
Admission: Free
Phone: 769 8688 8336
Address: No.75, Binjiang East Rd., Shilong Town, Dongguan
Public Transportation: Shilong Tiyu Guan (Shilong Gymnasium 石龙体育馆) bus stop on line L2.

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