DG Declared “New 1st Tier” City in China

0617_city facts

According to the latest research from an even newer report on the commercial charm of 338 cities, Dongguan finally has been listed in China’s new first-tier cities, with another 14 cities, such as Chengdu, Xiamen, Qingdao, Nanjing, Dalian and Hangzhou.

The publisher, China Business Network (CBN) Co. Ltd., assessed these cities based on five indicators: concentration of commercial resources, city’s pivotability, citizen vitality, variety of lifestyle and flexibility in the future.

Dongguan surprisingly scored the best in variety of lifestyle with 62 points. The large number of restaurants, bookstores, movie theatres, gyms, video websites, flight tickets, Taobao orders and branches of international chains, such as Starbucks, proves that Dongguan is advancing to a livable urban city from the world’s factory. Another crucial fact about Dongguan is the relocation of Huawei’s headquarters from Shenzhen to Songshan Lake. The city already hosts several electronic giants like Oppo and Vivo and provides considerable job opportunities for IT talent.