earthquake survivorEarthquake Survivor’s Happy Ending
With help of medical staff and society, an amputated Wenchuan Earthquake survivor was able to walk away from the horror and tied the knot with a beautiful nurse, for whom he has written a thousand love poems. Nine years ago, the devastating disaster hit a small town in Sichuan on May 12, claiming nearly 70,000 lives. High school student Dai Guohong was in class and trapped under debris. Two days later, he was rescued by firefighter Chen Hongbo, but he lost both his legs. In May, he sent a letter to a local media, hoping to find Chen to be his marriage witness. Throughout the years, he gained help from many, including swim coach Xia Li who trained him to secure two gold medals in the National Games for the Disabled and visitors from all walks of life who encouraged him while he was in hospital. It is said that Chen has been gone from his position for years and no one knows where he is now. (Chongqing Evening News)


dromeNew Drone Regulations Coming
Starting from June 1, all civil drones are required to have real name registration, among other newly-applied regulations set up by Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC). On May 16, the CAAC released a series of measures to strengthen the management of civil UAVs. Other than real name registration, a sharing database will be established to collect the first no-fly zone data for 155 airports. The reason behind this is 12 accidents that happened during January and February this year, causing emergency changes for seven flights. So far, there is no registration required to buy drones, although laws stipulate that approval from government departments must be obtained before flying and drone users are being asked for driver’s licenses. (


Manuscript by an imperial physician was foundImperial Physician’s Manuscript Found
The Book and Press Committee of China Collectors Association held an event to gather manuscripts of Ming and Qing Dynasties from non-governmental organisations. There, a manuscript by Wang Bichang, an imperial from the Qing Dynasty, was discovered, recording over 500 prescriptions for diseases, and is valued to be worth at least two hundred million RMB. A few experts believed that some prescriptions discussed may be of some use. Perhaps the more it is studied, other secrets will be unlocked for modern use. (


rollover vanUnity on the Streets
On a street in Huizhou, a van rolled over and dozens of nearby pedestrians lifted it to save the driver. On the morning of May 17, a fast-moving off-road vehicle hit a van at a crossroad of Huicheng District. The van sprang 10 meters away and lay upside down. The driver of the off-road car went to pull the trapped driver out with the help of a passerby, but the van driver couldn’t move at all. Some other pedestrians started to lift the van by hand and more and more people joined. Within a minute, the two ton vehicle was moved upright thanks to the help of 20 people and no one was hurt in the accident. (People’s Daily)


The biggest donation from a couple alumni to their alma materUniversity Receives Big Money
A couple donated one hundred million RMB to Zhejiang University, which is the biggest donation ever in the history of the school. This happened on May 20, a day which sounds like “I love you” in Chinese. Often, people use this day to express their love in different ways. A few other alumni who graduated from Zhejiang University also picked the day to donate money. The donation situation in China today is that a small number of wealthy alumni donate huge sums of money, while a huge number of ordinary alumni donate small amounts. Accordingly, some experts have been appealing to publicize donations to encourage more ordinary alumni to give. (Beijing morning post)


High School Students creative disinfection device for sharing bikes.Shared Bikes Get Clean
Shared bikes are bringing more and more convenience to our daily lives, but also cause some new problems. A group of four students from Guangzhou felt the hygienic situation of the vehicles was worth consideration. Taking part in the Third Teenager Creating Competition, they developed a disinfectant device to solve this problem. It is intended to be available around hotspot parking areas for anyone to use. The system works by using the ultraviolet rays to scan the shared bikes’ handles at night. Although it hasn’t yet been used in public, it’s expected to be promoted in the future. (Guangzhou Daily)


grandmaone Grandma’s Bad Influence
A middle-aged woman set a bad example for her granddaughter, but the little girl refused to follow her. It happened at a convenience store in Jiangmen. According to surveillance video, the women saw a phone left behind at the cash register by a customer. She went over, took it and handed to her granddaughter. The little girl noticed that this was not their phone and returned it back to the cashier. The old woman didn’t give up. She took the phone again and went straight for the door with the girl chasing behind her and trying to ask her to put down the phone. The woman ignored her and left. On the same night, police tracked down the woman and got the phone back. (


Report data shown that WeChat is changing many foreigners’ lifeWeChat Is Changing Your Life
On May 17, WeChat issued a report about the Life of Foreign Users in China, which shows how WeChat has been influencing foreigners’ lives. According to the research, these users sent 60 percent more messages than Chinese users. The frequency of using voice and audio calling by foreign users were 42 percent and 13 percent, respectively, more than Chinese users. Stickers and Hongbao also seem to be popular with foreigners using them 45 percent more than Chinese users. The average foreigner will send 10 hongbao’s per month and 64 percent use WeChat payment. (Tecent Technology)