A Promoter and Educator of Modern Art: 21 Space Art Museum


As one of the best exhibition sites for modern art in the city, the museum houses a 3,000-square-meter area, including a sizable 20-meter-high transparent outdoor space to accommodate the craziest creations an artist can possibly imagine.

DSC02700The curators also aim to promote art culture to the masses by hosting artistic handicraft workshops such as wood engraving and leather goods making, salons, forums and painting classes for adults.

On the second floor, a cafe and book bar provides a relaxing atmosphere for one to spend a lazy afternoon. For kids, an art education center dedicated to nurturing young minds has regular classes and activities.

“Constantly, our museum pays attention to regional art development and cultural innovations. We promote Chinese contemporary art, and at the same time we publicize the kind of art which everyone can participate through creative and interactive art activities,” said Jia Nan, artistic vice director of the museum.

With new exhibits coming every two or three months, the museum continues to organize famed art exhibitions from China and abroad. This is a must see.

21 Space Art Museum
Opened: 2013
English Subtitles: Partial
Business Hours: Tue-Sun 09:30-17:00, Monday closed
Admission: Free
Phone: 769 2882 1988
Address: No.36, H District, Hyphen Commercial Center, No. 1, Huifeng Rd., Guancheng, Dongguan
Website: http://www.21samg.com/en/
Public Transportation: Tianyuan Diannao Cheng (天源电脑城) bus stop on lines 17, 25, 26, 36, 47, 59, C1 and X9.

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