“The Subway to Spring” City Flash Mob

city facts

In April, a 5-min video went viral online, showing flash mobs happening inside the metro Line 2 and at Hongfu Road station. Departing from Humen Railway Station, the train was filled with sullen commuters. Suddenly, their attention was caught by a clear and melodious tune.

Chasing the tune, a gentleman steadily drew a bow across the strings of a violin. As the music went, flute, accordion, cello and trumpet joined to form an instant symphony. Phones up, smiles shown, ears indulged and applause was on. Outside Hongfu Road Station, pedestrians walked by in a hurry, cars drove unyieldingly and friends sipped coffee. A girl vocalized “Where Spring Is” at the top of her lungs. Rows of girls jumped out from the crowd and joined the singing. A minute later, two expat dancers took over with a passionate tango dance, leading a group of girls and bringing the climax of the act. Planned by the city image propaganda office and executed by Dongguan TV, the flash mobs were performed by all local amateur art groups. It gained positive comments with over three million views in 10 days. To see the video, go to: http://bit.ly/2oOAPkn