DG Finds Courage and Inspiration

Dongguan is honored to welcome Henry Friedman to speak on his experience living through the Holocaust this month. What can we do to prevent further genocides? Band together.

The twentieth century brought incredible innovations and terrifying barbarianism. For Henry Friedman (speaker and author), the early years of life were stained by a horror one can hardly imagine.

Growing up in Poland, Henry and his family were quickly swept up by the cruel events punctuating World War Two. With the help of two Ukrainian families, the family was hidden in a space the size of a queen-sized mattress for 18 months. Nothing was easy during that time.

The courage of these Ukrainian families—and so many others like them—lends us critical lessons and stories that should inspire us to live better and treat all people with dignity.
The Nazi Holocaust was tragically only one of the many atrocities seen by the world in the last one hundred years. How can we stop events like these?

“If you want to change the world,” Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, “pick up your pen and write.”

On May 26-27, the people of Dongguan will take action together to bring awareness and boost the human community with the first annual South China Courage Conference.

By bringing powerful voices like Mr. Friedman, it’s hoped that disasters like the one he faced and all others can be avoided in the future.

The event will also include many other significant minds like Dr. Glenn Timmermans, Dr. Howard Deleeuw, Mr. Simon Li and more who will all provide thought provoking panel discussions.

Jointly organized by Treasures of Hope, HERE! Dongguan and the International School of Dongguan (ISD), we encourage everyone to attend this unique event. This is perhaps one of the final few opportunities to hear a direct account from someone who lived through the Second World War discuss the terrors and why we should do everything we can to avoid another.