China Splash May 2017

fix bikes

Old Man Fixed Bikes For Free
A 60-year-old man fixed shared bikes on the streets of Xi’an voluntarily for half a month. Mr. Wang was a sanitation worker until he quit his job on March 31 and repaired shared bikes instead. “Every day I go to work and I see many of these kinds of bikes. They are damaged and broken, such a pity,” he told local media. Wang left home at 6 o’clock each morning and brought his tool box with him. Riding his own bike, he traveled around the city to look for any colorful bikes that needed his services, despite not knowing how to actually use the bikes. While damaging shared bikes has become so popular in the city, Wang’s care for public amenities is sadly so rare and kind. (


Lucky Worker Found Dinosaur Fossil Again
Dinosaur egg fossils were discovered in Foshan’s Dali Town by a construction worker on April 17. The five eggs—estimated to be from 65–70 million years ago—were found buried six meters deep in red sandstone at a construction site in Dali Town, Nanhai District. Worker Mr. He found green and grey pieces inlaid in a large piece of red sandstone. Experience told him that it looked like fossil. Luckily, he discovered a dinosaur egg fossil at a Guangzhou construction site before, so he was familiar with the look. The next day, officials from the heritage protection bureau arrived at the site and pulled out another four egg fossils. With diameters between 13 and 14 cm, these eggs were produced by plant-eating dinosaurs from the late Cretaceous period. This is the first discovery of dinosaur egg fossils in Foshan. (Guangzhou Daily)

Apple Halts WeChat’s Tipping Feature
On April 19, WeChat announced that official accounts can no longer receive cash rewards from iPhone users due to its infraction of Apple’s revised in-app purchase rules. Back in 2015, WeChat launched the cash reward function to encourage original content. Users could tip the account directly by clicking the reward button on the bottom of an article. Now, the new App Store terms require that “apps may not include buttons, external links or other calls to action that direct customers to purchasing mechanisms other than IAP.” While Apple officially considered that the reward function fell into this external link category, it’s widely believed that Apple’s conduct shows anxiety for its unpopular Apple Pay payment method in Chinese markets, compared to Alipay and WeChat Wallet. (

Wal-Mart To Open 40 More Stores in Guangdong
In the strategic cooperation memorandum signing ceremony held on April 20 in Guangzhou, Wal-Mart signed with Guangdong provincial government to open 40 new stores and a cold-chain logistics distribution center in the next five years. In 1996, Wal-Mart entered the Chinese market by opening its first store in Shenzhen. Now, the retail giant has over 400 stores throughout the country and 92 of them are located in Guangdong, the province with the most stores. This year, Wal-Mart will open eight new stores, including the first shops in the eastern Puning and northwest Qingyuan areas. (

Little Girl Nearly Escapes Abduction
A man kidnapped a 4-year-old girl and tried to run away by car. Fortunately, the driver found out and saved the girl from danger. On the evening of April 20, little Yun played alone in front of her family’s restaurant in Shenzhen’s Longgang District while her parents were busy with their business. A man soon approached her and asked if she wanted some candy and Yun shook her head. Suddenly, the man picked her up and rushed away. Getting into a car parked on the street, the abductor commanded the driver to go to Henggang. The driver Qin assumed they were father and daughter in the beginning. As Qin heard Yun crying constantly for her mommy, he asked her, “Where is your mom?” Yun stopped crying and answered, “She is making dinner.” Qin then asked, “How about your dad?” Yun responded, “My dad is cooking, too. I don’t know this person.” Qin then realized Yun was stolen from her parents. He got out of the car at a traffic light, locked the pair inside the car and called the police. While Qin struggled to keep the man from climbing out of the window, the police arrived. The man was then taken to the police station and Yun was saved. (

HK bikes

Hong Kong Now Has Shared Bikes, Too
Shared bikes have finally come to Hong Kong and four bikes were already suspected to be deliberately thrown into a river during the first two days after launch. The first smart bike company called placed hundreds of bright green bikes—equipped with GPS, a basket, a smart light for night rides and an integrated alarm system to prevent theft—in the New Territories. With plans to spread over 20,000 bikes by July, users can rent and return bikes conveniently through a mobile phone app after a deposit of 399 HK dollars. A one hour ride costs 10 HK dollars. Local media has pointed out that in some areas there are neither bicycle lanes nor designated parking spaces for bikes. They also reported that four bikes were already found in the Shing Mun River in Shatin. Other bikes were damaged or had parts stolen, as well. (

health products

Professor Says No To Health Products
A former professor of psychology spent 400,000 RMB on health products, but found no improvements. She later wrote a book explaining why the elderly are addicted to buying products, showcasing her own example. Having several chronic illnesses, the 87-year-old retired professor Huang Xiulan spent large sums buying healthcare products until last summer, when she finally had to borrow money from her daughter. Confronted by her daughter, Huang soon realized that she had spent far too much cash in her pursuit of healthiness. In many cases, she noticed the products may not have been as effective as advertised, but the sales people were too close to her and she felt like she needed to do them the favor. In her book, she analyzed four specific reasons why seniors fall into the trap so easily, with the most important reason being that sales peoples’ fake kindness and warmth fill their loneliness. To combat this, she pointed out that old people should find useful hobbies in which to invest their time. (Guangzhou Daily)