Spring Bar and Club: Spring Is in the Air


Passing through the giant gates of Spring doesn’t quite give an impression of a flowery field, however, there was definitely something in the air.

The minute we arrived, we knew we weren’t fully prepared. Suddenly, we found ourselves in the wildest party I’ve ever seen in a Chinese club so far. I expected a local-style night out: being surrounded by people sitting at tables who find more excitement in playing dice while snacking on roasted beans and thinly sliced cucumbers. Instead, the place was ablaze and chaos was an understatement.

The theme of the night—“On Board”—was taken seriously by the staff. An army of young girls dressed in sexy flight attendant costumes were determined to entertain the crowd. They appeared to be a raving success.

We were directed to one of the few vacant tables and given menus, while a live band wooed the crowd. All the usual drinks graced the pages, but when we asked for whiskey, they told us that liquor can only be purchased as a bottle. This was an unpleasant surprise, but it was already late, so we ordered beers instead.

The quality of the light and sound system seemed professional, though with just a single square room, the place itself is not very big. Up front, a stage showcases a band or DJ and it’s fully accessible—and also seemingly encouraged—so patrons go up and dance, as well.

The usual standing tables fill the entire space, but it was pretty hard to stay still, as people were constantly moving around.

By the time we became acquainted with the environment, a giant clown with a terrifying mask started floating toward us. Fortunately, he turned out to be friendly, just blowing balloons into hats and dog shapes. It was both entertaining and bizarre.

As the night wore on, the band was replaced by a DJ who kept the joint lively. The music was loud (bonus points for muting the shaking dice), the people were wild, but we didn’t have the stones to carry on. We left before ending up taking too many shots constantly being offered by groups encircling us.

Despite the posh allure, we paid around 130 RMB for four beers, which isn’t a bargain, but acceptable. In short, it’s a good place to get out of your repetitive routine and give it a shot. Make it night a you won’t remember, if you dare.
Address: Shop 7-12, B Zone, Moon Bay Garden Plaza, Dongcheng