My Rules World


Set in the now-reviving South China Mall is the peculiar My Rules World. The 6,700 sq meter amusement park is a child-sized replica of a real city with buildings, shops and theaters, as well as, vehicles and pedestrians moving along the miniature streets.

In this “city,” children aged three to 15, “work” in jobs, ranging from reporting news to delivering parcels to piloting an airplane or landing a spacecraft on the moon. Once inside, kids have four hours to try as many occupations as they want. Each experience usually lasts 30 to 40 minutes and there are 50 professions available with plans to add more. Some professions have proven more popular than others. Firefighting, police work and pilots draw big numbers. In the airline cabin, boys operate the cockpit, while girls take passengers through the “welcome aboard and fasten your seatbelts” routine.

It’s a perfectly sexist—and fun— place to exactly prepare them for the pains of real world and take them off your hands for a few hours.

Address: 2/F, Amazing World, South China Mall, Wanjiang

麦鲁小城, 东莞万江华南MALL欢笑天地二楼