New Rules About Online Shopping Refund and How to Complain


The necessary refund costs, such as shipping fees, will be undertaken by consumers, unless otherwise agreed. The seven-day period will start from the next day after signing for a parcel. The measures also suggests that online shopping platforms should set up mechanisms to supervise the implementation of refunds.

Until now, reporting or complaining about counterfeits and other violations has never been so convenient. Instead of calling 12315, the National Internet Platform for Consumer Dispute Resolution has launched in WeChat Mini Program.

consumer1. Search “12315” under Contacts.
2. Click the last one “Search 12315” in Mini Programs, Moments, Official Accounts, Articles, etc.
3. You will find it appear on top under Mini Programs.
4. Once you click it and enter, it will show up in your Mini Programs list under “Discover.”

In the program, you can also check a licensed business’s basic information such as: address, type of business and service scope, and consumer rights regulations. It’s all in Chinese, but worth it to ask a Chinese friend for help when an unpleasant shopping experience happens to you.