Dim Sum Reimagined


If you are in central Dongguan and are in the mood to try China’s perhaps best and most famous cuisine, you can’t miss Hollyii’s (pronounced “are,” or two in Chinese) inspired dim sum creations.

What makes their dishes truly unique is the chef’s ability to catch your attention with often unconventional combinations of colors and tastes. Leaning on an evident skill of mixing traditional southeast Chinese cuisine with modern, Western touches, any diner should be more than satisfied with not just beautiful-looking food, but a nice collection of flavors.

Beginning with the classic xiaolongbao (soup dumplings), which are generally white and inexpressive, now are suddenly transformed. On offer in this type of dumpling are at least six different options, ranging from durian to truffle and plenty of other intriguing ingredients.

Don’t let your mind more than momentarily wander with concern on how they manage to add such color and sometimes strange flavors to the bao’s; the staff ensured us that the dishes are, in fact, all-natural. Even if we can’t fully accept this, we’ve no other choice, so we keep eating.

IMG_7209Especially in Guangdong, hundreds of different dim sum dishes can be found. Here, we liked the Truffle-Diced Chicken with Lily Bulb and Stir-Fried Beef Fillet with Tea Mushrooms and Apple.

We noticed that truffle and apple continuously return in various dishes, and that’s a good thing. When combined with the genuine Chinese assortments of vegetables and meats, Hollyii invents something special.

Still, for most, including apple in a main dish may sound strange, excessively fusion-oriented or just plain pretentious, but the minds behind these salty treats have been able to utilize the fruit in a way that guarantees an explosion of tastes.

Dim sum is already extraordinarily diverse, energetic and without any particular need for upgrades, but the fresh take on an old concept is refreshing. They haven’t exactly revolutionized dim sum, but by adding a few new tricks to the playbook, we’ve got something intriguing that doesn’t distort tradition.

For an experience that’ll make your eyes as pleased as your stomach, head over to a Chinese kitchen from the future.

Address: No. L1-008, Vanke City Plaza, Guancheng
何莉儿点心小厨, 莞城区万科城市广场L1-008