DG’s Tigers One Step Away From 9th CBA Title

Last night, the Southern Tigers finished off Shenzhen’s Leopards (series final 4:1) and triumphantly advanced to the final round of the 2016-17 Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) playoffs. This marks the 13th time that the Tigers have made it this far into the season and are the only team in the CBA that has competed in the playoffs every year of their existence. Although the team has already won eight championships, the past three years haven’t been as lucky. Will they be able to change their fortune this time around? The future looks good.
Check our exclusive playoff scoop from Head Strength Coach, Zeshaun “Z” Mirza, here.
The Tiger’s rival, Xinjiang Flying Tigers (incredibly dangerous cats with wings), has played in the finals four times, but couldn’t yet pull out a victory. The last three times they’ve come across the Tigers in the finals, they’ve lost. Though, according to local media, they possess the most powerful roster this year. For their sake, let’s hope they’re still not flying too close to the sun.
With both teams desperately clawing for the big win, this series isn’t one to miss. Catch the first game on March 31 and the Tiger’s first home game on April 5.