China Splash March 2017

Easier Admission for Foreigners

Easier Admission for Foreigners?
Starting from the Spring 2017 semester, Tsinghua University announced that they would utilize a new admission system for international students, and later received broad online criticism. The new procedure for undergraduate programs will eliminate academic tests and instead, will use an online application and comprehensive evaluation. Domestic students have been accusing the university of discrimination, considering the fewer places and growing difficulty of entrance exams for domestic students. In February, Tsinghua University responded that the new rules provide a more complete way to evaluate the qualifications of a student and aim to increase the quality of international students. The old tests may not be suitable for all students. (Via

hongbaoHongbao Required For Ambulance
A Guangzhou citizen told local media that she had to pay when her father was transferred to another hospital by ambulance. It happened when Ms. Chen and her family boarded an ambulance to bring her father to Guangdong Provincial Hospital of TCM from Guangzhou Xinhai Hospital. As soon as the vehicle left the hospital, a man handed her two empty envelopes and told her to put 100 RMB inside each “for good luck.” Ms. Chen said that she already paid 300 RMB for the service, but she gave them the money anyway. During the trip, Ms. Chen kept mentioning that she would expose them. Perhaps for this reason, the man returned her two hongbao after they arrived at the destination. Xinhai Hospital insisted that the ambulance was not managed by them and had already warned Ms. Chen. (Via


Green Factories Subsidized
On February 17, the first Energy Management Center promotion conference of 2017 was held, attracting nearly 100 government and energy-saving company representatives. This year, the budget for energy saving goods’ subsidy has climbed to 44 million RMB. This is given to support improvements in electric motors and build Energy Management Centers, which use clean manufacturing and energy saving devices. For the first time, the Green Factory title is being used to award enterprises that meet all energy saving measures and standards. Companies can receive 500,000 to 2 million RMB. In 2016, the government provided significant financial aid for helping 800 companies set up Energy Management Centers.

The Lost Endangered DolphinThe Lost Endangered Dolphin
On February 1, a Chinese white dolphin was lost in Baisha River of Taishan, next to Zhuhai. For ten days, government staff tried to lead it out to the ocean, but failed. On February 10, its dead body was found in the shoal of Kaiping. Particularly older white dolphins are found lost in mainland rivers two to three times per year. This one is estimated to have been 30 years old, equivalent to a 70-year-old human. An autopsy will be conducted at Hong Kong’s Ocean Park. Together with the Jiangmen Chinese White Dolphin Provincial Natural Reserves, they will work to determine the cause of the death. (Via

Bad Luck or Fake LotteryBad Luck or Fake Lottery?
A man in Chongqing discovered a fake lottery shop after paying out thousands of RMB. The man surnamed Wu had bought tickets from a shop near his home for a month. Still, he never won; not even a small amount. Experience told him that there must have been problems with the shop, so he reported it to police. When he showed police the tickets, they immediately discovered that they were different from the authentic version. They looked like a shopping receipt, while the true tickets have a logo of China Welfare Lottery, as well as a QR code on the bottom. On February 16, police closed down the shop and discovered another shop on the next street also selling fake tickets. Both of them were opened by the same person, who made over 100,000 RMB profit in three months. (Via Chongqing Morning Post)

Personal Info Cheaply Sold OnlinePersonal Info Sold Cheaply Online
Many kinds of personal information is sold online, including real-time location, call history and online shopping addresses, all pulled through one phone number. In February, CCTV exposed an investigation that shows an active black market existing in the QQ application. In a group with 1,946 members, personal details are openly and inexpensively sold. For example, at 220 RMB, a person’s photo, ID card number, registration address, purchased cars and mail address can be made available. Records of E-hailing services for three months are sold for 55 RMB, which includes starting and finishing locations and duration. Call logs are the most valuable, ranging from 1,500 to 2,000 RMB. A person’s real-time location can also be bought, with an accuracy of less than 50 m. The Ministry of Public Security initiated an investigation. Tencent Security Center also stated that they have deleted any groups mentioned in the report. Since 2016, they have disabled 3,500 QQ accounts related to the trade.

Rich Girl Flees HomeRich Girl Flees Home
A sixth-grade girl took a taxi all the way from Jiangsu to Beijing to meet an online friend, and to avoid the wrath of her parents after a poor school exam. The girl, Mei, didn’t enter school on February 13 after her grandfather dropped her off. Instead, with more than 10,000 RMB in her pocket, she headed straight to a taxi. The driver, Mr. Liu, told her to take a bus when she told him the destination was 800 km away. To convince Liu, Mei showed him her stack of cash. In the end, they agreed on 3,500 RMB. Meanwhile, Mei’s parents had reported her missing to police and posted online notices, hoping to find their daughter. It was Mr. Liu who read the post and realized it was the same girl he just brought to Beijing. He contacted Mei’s parents immediately. With the help of Beijing police, they found Mei at her friend’s house. Mei confessed that it was all because of her mother’s criticism for her exam a few days prior. (Via Yangzi Evening News)