Meet DG Through Planning


A new museum has been added to DG’s lineup that offers a whole new way to understand the city. The Dongguan City Planning Exhibition Gallery (situated behind exit B at the Qifeng Park subway station) opened its doors to the public on January 9. Themed with urban planning, the museum shows how Dongguan developed throughout its existence with modern and future models of the city.

Using 3.5 hectares and seven years to prepare and build, the project has a tranquil outdoor relaxing area with a lake and seating. The two display floors are built next to the water with a futuristic style. Five themed exhibition halls show the historic urban layout, the concept of harmonious combination of human and nature in building design and key modern elements of a livable city. With advanced display methods, such as touch screens and panoramic views, the museum aims to create a promotional, educational and academic window of Dongguan’s urban construction from a planning perspective.

The Panoramic Model Area (in the center) is one of the highlights of the museum. With both Chinese and English subtitles, it showcases a rounded overview of the city’s master plan in “mountain, water and city” structures. “The purpose to open this museum is to popularize the knowledge of urban planning,” said Wang Zhongyuan, who participated in the planning of the space.