Chic Drinks & Photos: Victor Bar


A line of flower baskets decorating the newly opened Victor is just the first detail that’s building a sense of prestige and I was here for the spoils.

A waitress in a rather seductive uniform led me inside and tried to guide me to a table, but I rocketed straight to the bar.

“It’s hard to take orders from here,” she whispered. I looked around and had no idea what she was talking about. The bar seemed like a pretty typical place to order drinks. I worried that she was mad, but I stayed.

Two drink menus were brought: one with photos and one without. My guess is that the photo menu was designed for Chinese patrons who are unfamiliar with glitzy cocktails. The pictures show exactly what the cocktails look like and even describe the strength of the liquor included. To me, this seems absurd. All cocktails should be strong.

I’d like to direct this next tidbit specifically to conscious alcoholics in DG. Victor’s daily happy hour (essentially, some drink discounts)runs from 11 am to 9 pm. That isn’t a happy hour, it’s a happy day. Even stranger, their opening hours are only 11 am to 10:30 pm. Maybe they accidentally ordered too much booze. Who cares, get over there and start guzzling.

I ordered an Old Fashioned (55 RMB) and the bartender asked if I wanted soda water.

“How do you normally do it?” I replied.

“We try to meet customers’ preference,” he answered smugly. Can’t argue with that.

The Old Fashioned was smooth, with notes of fresh orange creeping from the glass. There was also live music in action and I was told they have it every night from 6:30 to 9. If you’re in need of solitude, book one of the upstairs VIP rooms.

Feeling good, I splurged on another classic: a Whisky Sour (55 RMB). Again, they were keen on the details and kept asking me exactly how I like it. I guess that’s their thing. Anyway, I liked it. It was thoughtful.

This place is good. My two drinks were elegant and smooth, like a ballet dancer twirling on clean ice. I think I will come again. And, of course, make sure to order at the bar, despite what the server says.

Address: Shop. B1012-B1018, Hongjing Tai, New World Garden, Dongcheng South Rd, Dongcheng (Bar Street)
维客餐吧, 东城区东城南路新世界花园商铺鸿景台B1012-B1018铺