China Splash December 2016


Crazy Shopping Festival
During the Double 11 Online Shopping Festival, a vocational school in Dongguan—new to e-commerce—joined the fray and earned nearly 30 million RMB in one day. Cooperating with a Shenzhen technology company, 150 students studying e-commerce from the South China Vocational and Technical School of Dongguan had a week of training, then participated in the online shopping festival on November 11. Selling a single product, a power bank, they made over 10 million RMB in the first hour. By the end of the day, they reached over 28 million RMB. (Via


An Angry Man’s Tragedy
A man chased a cash carrier, hit it with stones and bricks and finally was shot by a guard with a rubber bullet. On October 27, a 26-year-old man named Huang Wulin from Jiangxi Province was seen chasing a cash carrier on streets in the Wusha Area in Chang’an Town. A surveillance camera showed four shots of Huang chasing, smashing and attacking the carrier with stones and bricks he picked up from the street when the truck stopped at an intersection. The last picture showed Huang on the ground beside the vehicle with a guard holding a gun walking around him. He was shot in the left lung and died. The official notification from the escort company claimed that Huang was warned several times, but failed to stop the behavior. The guard had to fire a warning shot at him. According to Huang’s father, who questioned some shop owners who witnessed the incident in the area, the carrier bumped Huang and he almost fell. Huang soon followed and attacked the truck, but no one knew how the guard shot him to death. After negotiation, Huang’s family got 1.8 million RMB as compensation from the company. The guard was arrested and the case is under investigation. (Via

Railway Development
Over half a year since the first phase of the Dongguan-Huizhou intercity railway opened and the day for its complete opening is drawing closer. Pictures of nearly finished stations in Liaobu and Songshan Lake have spread online boosting excitement. It’s expected that the rest of the line will open by the middle of January, which connects Metro Line 2 at Xiping Station. As part of the “Shenzhen-Dongguan-Huizhou One Hour Circle,” the railway greatly decreases the travel time between Dongguan and Huizhou to half an hour. The line starts from Huizhou’s Xiaojinkou, through Changping, Songshan Lake, Liaobu and ends in Daojiao. (Via


1st Intercity Charger
As the government tries to promote electric cars, it’s crucial that enough charging facilities are available around the city. On November 23, the first intercity charging station opened on the Guangzhou-Shenzhen Highway Houjie Service Zone. Equipped with three chargers, the station can accommodate six cars charging at the same time. It is planned that by 2020, 280 stations with 50,000 charge posts will be built throughout Dongguan. Furthermore, an intercity charging network for electric cars is planned with another 100 stations to be built in Guangdong’s highway networks. Drivers can download an app to serve themselves at the station. Compared to gas-fueled cars, electric cars have apparent advantages in cost savings. (Via

1479866513680New License Plate For Alternative Energy Cars
In order to better recognize and manage alternative vehicles, new license plates will be implemented in five pilot cities. Starting from December 1, electric car owners in Shanghai, Nanjing, Wuxi, Jinan and Shenzhen can apply for special license plates. The plate is colored green instead of blue, starting with letter D for electric cars or letter F for hybrid power. The numbers on the plate will also increase to six figures instead of five. So far, there are over 550,000 registered alternatively plated cars in China and it’s estimated that the new plate will encourage their popularity. (

1479718881155An Unusual Punishment
A man’s money-driven behavior caused a serious detention by the City Management Department. On the afternoon of November 18, when patrolling along Yinfeng Road in Nancheng, officers from City Management found a man putting small cards on cars and sticking illegal ads on the wall. He was stopped and ordered to remove the ads he sent out. After two hours of cleaning, he was taken back to the office, where he confessed he got 100 RMB to spread the ads. The rest of the advertisements were confiscated and the man was punished by copying the socialist core values 100 times before his release.

Reach Kunming in 8 Hours
A series of high speed train lines are expected to be in operation before the Chinese New Year, adding to the passenger transport capacity by 7.5 percent, compared to last year. One of them is the Nanning-Kunming High-speed Railway that will connect two capitals of the southwest provinces, Guangxi and Yunnan. Using the Guangzhou-Nanning High-speed Railway will only take about 8 hours to get from Guangzhou to Kunming. Known as the Spring City, Kunming has long been regarded as one of China’s most livable cities. The opening of the train will certainly attract more tourists from Guangdong. (Via