A Cup of Warmth


In a fast-paced, urban life style, it’s easy to neglect love and care for other people. In Dongguan, a group of volunteers have been sending out hot porridge every morning, trying to build hope and trust among strangers.

On a random November morning around 8 o’clock, around 30 people in orange aprons walked around the Yonghuating area in Dongcheng, distributing cups of hot peanut porridge to pedestrians. “Please have a cup of porridge with love and have a nice day,” said a volunteer with a smile, handing a serving to a bike rider.

Since this past April, they’ve been giving out porridge at the same spot every morning from 7 to 9 am. What they do is more than give out breakfast. “Modern people don’t lack a cup of porridge, what they lack is care and trust,” said the founder of the project, Zhong Jiaxian. “We hope that the porridge can ignite a spark of kindness in their hearts.”

Not everyone accepts the food. Some say they have breakfast, others are suspicious about their intent. Gradually, when they see them there everyday, they lower their guard and thank them. Some donate money right away, while others are moved and join them. The costs are paid by the donations from over 900 volunteers ranging from different ages and professions. “We will keep doing it, in spite of weather or holidays. We hope to warm the whole city through a cup of porridge,” said Zhong.