Yingchao Theme Private Cinema


At Yingchao Theme Private Cinema, you can enjoy all the entertainment features from your local movie theater, while avoiding crying babies, smelly food and people arriving late or coming and going in the middle of the movie. There are seven distinct rooms from which to choose that range in both size and style. Try all the crazy private rooms like the Star Room, Couples Room, Hello Kitty Room, Horror Room and more. Choose your preferred movie via an iPad and if you later don’t like your choice, easily pick another.


Watching one movie will cost about 60 RMB to 120 RMB per hour for the whole room (ranges from 2-10 people), depending on the length. For 10 friends watching together in a big room, that means about 20 RMB per person. Both 2D and 3D are the same price. Furthermore, you can even find movies still playing in local cinemas—both domestic and foreign. Sometimes the movies might play without English subtitles, but a quick call to the waiter should sort that out. Drinks and foods can be ordered at Yingchao or grab a big bag and bring all your own supplies.

Address: B22, Yujing Walking Steet, Dongcheng