TOH Moving Forward


After serving the Dongguan community for seven years, local charity organization Treasures of Hope (TOH) has made a step forward and joined the Shenzhen Charity Federation (SCF). The agreement between TOH and SCF was approved on September 6 and the TOH Foundation was created.

Founded under the Shenzhen municipal government’s support as a non-profitable, public welfare organization with public fund raising qualifications, SCF is made up of charity organizations, groups and individuals who have an enthusiasm for charity. To comply with the new Charity Law of China, effective Sept. 1, 2016, the establishment of the TOH Foundation under SCF enables TOH to continue to do what it has been doing in Dongguan legally. In addition, TOH can now issue official tax deductible charity receipts to those that donate funds or for funds raised from hosting charity events.

“The staff and board feel like this is a positive step for us to move forward, and we are excited to help more and more Chinese people in need,” said Aaron Burns, TOH Manager. “It also allows us to do more charity work in other communities beyond Dongguan,” he added.