The Treehouse: The House of Madness


Though you may not imagine so upon first entry, The Treehouse is popular haunt hidden at the back of Batou Village. No piece of furniture here seems to be the same and there are large design machines and tools littered about the place. The staff are possibly the most ‘metal’ that can be found in the area. Sounds interesting? That’s because it is! Unique, kitsch and a definite work in progress as it stands. If you want to find a refreshingly different watering hole, this might be it.

When I lost my Treehouse virginity, I wasn’t quite sure how to behave. Table service never came, so I went on the hunt for someone who could simply sell me a beer. It was harder than I thought, but I found it to be quite charming. Unlike most bars I visit—to my surprise—the staff were not merely updating their WeChat accounts. Instead, they’re busy cutting and painting leather, designing jewelry, working with metal or involved in general construction projects around the bar and it’s all a joy to watch.

There are usually around five beers on tap and a good selection (between 10 and 15 different types) of bottled beers and ciders to grab from the fridge. The cocktails are often a little on the strong side, which suits my predilection, though may take some by surprise. Any unsatisfactory drinks are happily made again to taste.

My last trip there was during the unveiling of their new weekly event, Monday Teachers Night, which means half price cocktails for all teachers. After five Long Island Iced Teas, I was overjoyed to see such a small, albeit somewhat blurry, total of only 125 RMB. The smell of home-smoked meats and BBQ a-wafting about the courtyard is an additional draw to place. It’s buffet-style with a seemingly inexhaustible array of options.

Saturday nights (and some special occasions) call for the raucous spectacle that is Tortoise-racing—a thing to behold if you’ve never seen a gang of patrons yelling in many different languages at stubborn, slow-moving reptiles with very colorful names.
If the real world doesn’t suit you, a classic arcade game should be able to easily hold your attention. Plus, impromptu DJ sets and live bands will safely drown out any noise from other bars, which can be a sweet, welcome relief while relaxing in Batou.

If this is just the beginning, then I am excited to see what will be the next big thing at The Treehouse. I’m sure I will, as I return again and again, out of the way and brilliantly ramshackled though it is…

No.178, Xiaba Fang, Batou Village, Wanjiang